Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Dad's 50th Birthday

Sorry everyone I haven't posted in so long. I have been so busy with being in Minnesota and then my parents visiting us here in Germany. We have had such a nice visit with them. We are sad for them to leave tomorrow, but happy to know we will see them again in 5 MONTHS. Yep, only 5 more months and we will be home for good! Can you believe we have been gone for 6 years already. I will be posting tons of pictures this week and next, so keep checking back. Here are the pictures finally from my dad's surprise party. It was such a fun time! Branden

Branden with his new favorite toy....a balloon!


My dad's surprise birthday party was sure a hit! He was really surprised! Thank-you to all that made it out!

Blowing out his candles on his cabin themed cake

Branden's Grandma Linda and cousin Cooper

hugging the guest

Walking into the surprise party!

Thanks to John Jordan for keeping him away so we could get the guests into the house. My dad stayed at our house until 5:15 and the guest started to arrive at 6:00, so we only had that short time to decorate.

The party crew

Branden and Grandpa

we bought him a new recliner for his birthday

Friday, November 21, 2008

Back In Germany

I just wanted to let everyone know that David, Branden and I are all safely back in Germany. Our flight went so well. We got so many compliments on how well Branden was on the plane. Also, my parents made it here safely too, but we did over sleep a little and were a little late picking them up....oops! Thank goodness they called and were wondering where we were or who knows how long we would have slept. Hopefully I will get some pictures up from our visit home soon, I know I was a horrible blogger while I was home, I just could never find the time. But we did have a great visit and it was so nice to see everyone...only 6 MORE MONTHS and we will be home for good! YEA!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Flight Pictures

Finally here are some pictures from the flight over. I know it took me forever to get them posted. Branden did pretty good on the flight over, but it did start to get long and he did get a little crabby. But for the most part he was good. He loved seeing all the airplanes when we were at the airport. And he also loved looking out the window while we were flying. Branden loved this airport truck. He wanted to sit in it so bad, but I told him couldn't so I said we could take his picture by it. He wanted to do that.
So for the picture he reached his hand out and touched the truck just a little. I thought that was so cute.

On the airplane

Just about to board the airplane. He loved seeing the airplane up close.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall Pictures

Here is Branden playing in the leaves. He loved jumping in them and throwing the leaves up in the air. The weather has been so nice here, so has been able to play outside a lot. David said it is getting cold in Germany.

We had a really nice Halloween. Branden dressed up as an Elephant. He looked Super Cute!! Branden only went Trick-or-Treating to 2 houses...ours and our neighbor's house. Then we went to Jack's Haunted House. Branden had a lot of fun there. He kept saying, "party, party" and even today he wants to go back to the party. Branden ate way too much candy though, he woke up in the middle of the night with a tummy ache...poor thing!