Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year, Time To Start Blogging More

Well, my resolution to myself this year was to blog more, but I already started out on a slow note this year. I really need to keep up with my blog because I always loved being able to look back on what I had wrote in the past about Branden. Things seem to be busy around here, always running somewhere. Branden was really sick last Wednesday. No fever, but a really bad stomach ache. He throw-up and laid on the couch all day. It was so hard to see him so sick. But luckily, it was only a one day thing. By the next morning he was back playing. Branden is getting so big. Hard to believe he will be 3 in April. He is pretty smart too. Recogonizes 3, cat and dog. And can spell "mom." He is still into trucks, cars and all those boy things. He also loves music and to sing. He is still really shy around new people and a big mommas boy. Hoping to work on that seperation anxiety this year by going to a few different parent/kid classes. But im sure that will take some time since he is used to only being around me 24/7. Its actually going to be hard for us both.

We are still really enjoying our house. Its starting to come together now, now that we have pictures and curtains up. We are still hoping to have everyone out for an open house sometime in the spring.

David is still working for my dad, but is starting his own photography business. He is really excited to be doing something he loves. He hopes to get his business up and running really soon. He already has a website started, so check it out if you would like and pass on his name if you hear of anyone who needs a photographer.

Same old stuff we with me. We had David's family over here for Christmas and that was fun for me. I loved decorating the house for the holiday. And for New Years Eve we spent that week up at my parents cabin. That was fun because there was a bunch of us up there.


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It's December. Ah well, so much for resolutions...

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