Thursday, July 30, 2009

Branden Got A "Big Boy" Bed

I just checked my email after a week so I can't amagine how long it has been since my last post. Summer always goes by so fast and August is going to go by even faster. I think I already have something booked for everyweekend. We are hoping to move into our house the 2nd week of August still if everything goes as plan, but who knows. Things are taking a little longer because David is doing everything himself so to find the time to do everything has been hard. And there has been a lot of extra stuff to do that we didn't plan on in the beginning. The painting is all done. I haven't seen it yet, but David has and he says it looks good. I can't wait to see it because I was still unsure about the colors I chose, so I want to see them up on the walls.

Branden has been sick this past week with a cold, so that has been hard on him. He isn't sleeping so well. And because he hasn't been wanting to sleep he had been trying to climb out of his crib and he finally could make it over so we had to get rid of the crib this week and buy him a "big boy" bed! He was pretty excited about it because it was a Cars bed and wanted to show everyone it and he loves to just crawl in it and sit in it. But since he can get into it himself he does crawl out a few times at bedtime before he falls asleep, so that has been an adjustment for all of us. And in the morning he gets up earlier and stands by the bed and says, "get up mom!" But I think it is cute, I love seeing him first thing in the morning.

This weekend is David's Reserve weekend and on Sunday they are having a family day. It sounds like it will be pretty fun for Branden. They are going to have firetrucks and planes the kids can sit in and Branden is pretty much in love with all the stuff right now.

I've started to clean my Grandpa Resners house once a week now for extra cash. It just takes a couple of hours and it will be nice to have a little extra cash now that we have to pay a morgage.

Well, thats it for now! Can't wait to show everyone our new house. David is really working hard on it to make it a perfect house for us!

Friday, July 10, 2009

House Update

Sorry everyone for such a long break between posts. Each time I write I say I'm going to write more and add pictures, but I never do. I'm just horrible lately. We've just been so busy lately with the house. It's a lot of work picking everything out. David is extra busy. He works during the day for my dad and then at night goes and works on the house. Since our house was a forclosure it does need a little work. Last weekend he pulled out the carpet and the wood floors. And this week he has been sanding the cabinets so we can re-stain them so they look fresh and new. I think I have decided on the paint colors for the house and the carpet, but I haven't figured out the wood floor color yet. We bought new appliances the other day and we are really excited about them. They are really nice. We bought them at Lowes and they were having a 20% off sale, so we got a really good deal on them. Our house pretty much should be brand new when we are all done because are pretty much replacing everything. When David was at the house last weekend he met all the neighbors and he said they are all really nice. The ones across the street are our age, so we are excited about that. We should be in our house in about 3 weeks if everything goes as plan.

Besides the houses we really haven't been up to much. Branden and I stay busy by going to the beach or playing outside. Branden amazes me everyday by the things he says or the things he does. He is just the best little boy ever. He is always telling me about all the things he loves. He loves a lot of things! Trucks, cats, tires, vacuums, tractors, 4-wheelers, phones, dogs, pretty much everything.