Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween everyone! Not to sure what our plans are for tonight but I am sure we will just end up at home seeing if we get any trick-or-treaters. Halloween isn't to big here but each year it is becoming a bigger holiday. The kids are starting to catch on that they can get free candy. They do have Halloween parties though.

I can't wait until Halloween next year because then we will be able to dress-up our baby. Of course any holiday will be exciting once we have a new member to our family.

Have a great Halloween! Miss you all!

Friday, October 27, 2006

16 Weeks and 1 Day

Yesterday I hit 16 weeks in my pregnancy. We are hoping in November we will find out if we are having a Girl or Boy. I am hoping for a girl and David wants a boy. But we both agree we will feel blessed with either as long as the baby is healthy. I want to be able to do all the those fun mother daughter things like shopping, playing with dolls and dress-up. And ofcourse there is dance and girl scouts. David wants to be able to do all those guy things like snowmobiling, 4-wheeling, mountain biking and sports. But he said he would do these things with a girl too.

So far my pregnancy seems to be going by pretty fast but I know once April begins to get closer it will seem like this pregnancy is never ending. I have been getting a little nervous about becoming a parent. Just thoughts about how will I know when to feed the baby, what if the baby gets sick, will I be a good mom, and how will I keep her/him safe? I am sure I'm not the first mom to feel these concerns but, I guess that is what my doctors are for. And of course I have you all to talk to.

I promise to take some pictures of my belly this weekend and get them up by Monday. I don't seem to be much bigger. David says you can tell I am pregnant but I just think I look like I have gained some weight or ate a huge meal.

This weekend we have no plans but to relax. Last weekend we were pretty busy while my grandma was here. We should work in the yard a bit. I guess we will see if that happens.

Miss you all...XOXO

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yard Work

I spent an hour and a half doing yard work today and it doesn't even seem like a put a dent in it. Our yard is so full of weeds and leaves it is hard to know where to start. And there are all these flowers that are dieing and I have no idea what to do to them. Do I pull them out, cut them down or just leave them the way they are? I am definitly not cut out to have such a big garden. I should have a "raking party" like my grandma does so we can get all the work done in a day. The weather has been perfect though to do yard work. It hasn't been to hot or to cold. The tempature has been in the mid 60's.

Everything is going well here. David is staying busy with work and I am feeling well. My next doctors appointment isn't until the middle of November.

Miss you all!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


"Flags of our Fathers" came out this past weekend. This was the movie David was an extra in. We wont be able to see it until November but, David's parents did go and see it and they said they thought they saw David a few times. He would be in the parts when they were storming the beach. I know he had a bigger gun.

Today it is super windy out, which is making a lot of the leaves fall.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Here are a couple of pictures of the cat that comes to visit me. She likes to just lay outside my back door on our door mat.
Been sick all weekend with a bad cold. It has just wore me out being sick. But each day I am feeling a little better.

David went biking yesterday. He had a great day to go...the weather has been perfect the last couple of days. When he got back we went on a little walk in the vineyards. Even though we love this weather we can't wait for it to get colder so our plants will die and we can just clean out our garden and start fresh in the spring.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pictures From Grandma's Visit

Here are a few pictures from when my grandma was here. Between David and her they took around 140 pictures. I just picked out a few that I really liked. On Sunday we went on a cruise on the Rhine River. The boat ride was about 2 hours long to the last stop where we were able to get off and walk around the town and visit a castle. During the cruise we were able to see around a dozen castles along the river.
This is rows and rows of vines. They go straight down the hill.
Here we are waiting to get on the boat. Our neighbors came with us too.

Here is Grandma with a bear outside a store.
This is the castle we stopped at on the Rhine.

Grandma walking up some steep stairs at the castle.
This castle we visited on Saturday, it is the Hardenburg Castle. It is pretty close to our house.
Me gazing at the top of the castle.
You had to walk up a big hill to get to the Hardenburg Castle.
Here we were visiting the largest wine barrel in the world. There is a restuarant inside the barrel.
On her last night here we went to a greek restuarant in our town. Before dinner Grandma went to mass by herself.
Here is David and me on the boat. We were tired after a long day touring around.
The castles were just beautiful on the river. They say a women sat on the top of this hill and sang to the boaters. Her voice was so beautiful that boaters would get distracted and crash into the hill.

This is the largest free hanging clock.

At the bathrooms at the castle you had to pump your own water. It was a real interesting looking bathroom.

This is a flee market we stopped at. Grandma bought some lace placemants.
Us on the boat eating a snack before we got off.

This is the boat we road on.

David and me at the wine barrel.

On Friday night we went to a restuarant in our town. Our neighbors Sean, Sylvia and there son Ethan came with us to help us with the menu.
Me at my house.

Grandma bought two bottles of wine from this stand outside.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bye Grandma

My grandma just let to go home. David is dropping her off and then he has to head to work. Had a great time while she visited, it always goes by so fast and it is really sad when it comes to saying good-bye. We were pretty much busy everyday while she was here. We visited some castles, went on the Rhine Cruise, went out to eat and shopped. Of course all of us took tons of pictures, so expect them soon. I am not feeling really well today, my throat is just killing me. So I will write more about her visit tomorrow, I must go lay down for a bit.

By the way, my doctors appointment went fine on Monday. I only saw one doctor because there was a mix-up with the scheduling. So who really knows what happened there.

Friday, October 13, 2006

She Made It

Just wanted to let everyone know that my Grandma made it here safely with no problems. David was there when she got in. She said that she wasn't able to sleep on the plane. She did take a little nap yesterday and now this morning she is still sleeping...going on about 14 hours!

I made dinner for us all yesterday and then we went on a walk around our town. My Grandma did buy some wine on our walk. David and her got to taste them last night when we got back.

Today we have plans to go to dinner with our neighbors. Should be fun. This weekend we don't have to much planned yet. Hopefully, the weather will stay nice.

Well, my doctors appointments got all messed up. I called to confirm my appointment with my High Risk doctor and they have no records of my appointment. I did leave 2 messages for the doctor but, I still haven't heard back. So who knows if I will be seen on Monday. But I still have an appointment with my neuroligist on Monday.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Waiting For Grandma

David went to the airport this morning to pick up my grandma. Hopefully, David was able to find her right away. We have never picked up anyone from the airport before and everything is in German, so it is a little tough the first time around. I am hoping she will be here in the next 30 minutes.

Today I started my Second Trimester! I haven't really gotten any bigger. Monday is my 2 doctors appointments and I believe I get an ultrasound then too. That would be really exciting to see the baby.

The weather is still pretty nice. Only a few trees have started to change color but, for the most part Germany is still green.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Grandma will be here tomorrow so the last couple of days I have been just getting the house ready, just doing some last minute cleaning. David ordered a hammer drill over a month ago and we still haven't received it, so we haven't been able to hang any pictures.

Not to sure what we will do while my grandma visits. Friday night we are hoping to take her a restuarant in our town.

David has been working a lot lately, he isn't to excited about his job.

Otherwise, nothing else new here. I will keep you updated on my grandma's visit.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Grandma's Visiting!

David and I woke up this morning and we had a message from Grandma. In the message she said she will be here on Thursday! We couldn't believe it but, we are so excited for her visit. David wont be able to get any time off while she is here, so Grandma and I will have to find things to do during the week in my area since I can't drive. It is a good time for her to visit because they have wine festivals going on.

David had Friday and Monday off this weekend. Sunday we tried to go find a castle but, no luck. But it was a nice day so it was nice to get out and the drive is always pretty because of all the vineyards.

Friday, I got a little faintish while we were shopping. I am not sure why, I had just eaten. We were just walking around the grocery store and I just got so hot and things got really blurry. I sat down right away in the middle of the freezer section and it just passed. I do have 2 doctors appointments on the 16th. So hopefully they will be able to tell me why I keep feeling dizzy.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

13 Weeks In

Started my 13th week of pregnancy today. I really can't complain about any part of the pregnancy so far...well, besides fainting that one day. I know I am pretty lucky I never got any morning sickness. Hopefully that is a good sign that the rest of my pregnancy will go just as well.

Hopefully, David has Friday and Monday off for Columbus Day. We are finally going to try and see some castles. Ever since we moved in we really haven't had a weekend open to sight see.

David and I have been able to watch the Twins play the last two nights. Since it is a play off game, they actually show the game live. So that is always fun to find out the score the same time as everyone else. Not the next day from the news.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getting Colder Here

I did hear from my doctor yesterday and she said that it is common to feel dizzy like that during pregnancy. She said I probably fainted because I didn't sit down right away and drink enough water that day. My doctor said that all my tests have been good so far, so there is no reason for concern. Just to make sure I am drinking and eating enough. I have felt fine since I fainted. I have been taking it easy since Saturday, just to be safe. I do see my High Risk doctor on the 16th.

The weather here has been in the mid 60's the last few days because it hasn't stopped raining since Saturday night.

Otherwise, things are going good here. Our house is almost put together. We still need a few things and hang up a few pictures.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Saturday afternoon David and I went to the BX to get a few things before we went grocery shopping. I felt fine while we were there but, when we stood in line I started to feel dizzy. After David paid I told him I needed to find somewhere to sit down. We made it outside to a bench but, I got so dizzy and everything was getting so blurry. I was also so hot. David thought if I could just make it the jeep and put the a/c on I would feel a little better. We tried to walk a few steps but, I had to sit down on the egde of a flower pot. After a minute we tried to walk again. The jeep was so close. But when I got up David said my head started to go weak and then I just passed out. He had to lay me down on the street. David said people were yelling to call an ambulance. I was only out for about 10 seconds, so I said I didn't need to go to the hospital. After getting into the jeep I felt better. Just tired and wanted to go home. Thank goodness David was there to catch me when I fainted. Poor David I scared him to death. He said I didn't have a seizure, so that is good news. We left a message for my doctor to tell her what happened but, we haven't heard back from her. I hope to go into the doctors on Monday just to make sure everything is ok. I am feeling good today but since David is gone mountain biking he told me not to do anything. Just sit on the couch, just incase. I will give you an update on how I am doing tomorrow.