Thursday, October 01, 2009

Raining Today

Well, once again it has been forever since i posted something. Things are going good at the new home. There is still some work to be done around here, but everything takes time. It pretty much feels like home now. Branden really likes the house. He loves having a playroom and so do I. I hated seeing all the toys when we lived in Germany, it was hard to relax seeing toys everywhere. We ( i should say David and his dad) planted about 200 trees around our property line last weekend. It looks so nice with all the tress, now if we could get some nice grass planted then our yard would really look nice. This weekend David's dad will be doing more work on your yard. He will be moving some tress around and planting the rest of the trees.

Branden is getting so big! Its so wierd to be able to have a real conversation with him. He talks so well and a lot. He says, "no thanks" a lot. So at least he has good manners when he is telling us no. He also has the cutest smile ever. It just makes me melt when he smiles. I ask him to show me his sparkely teeth and then he will just smile so big. It has taken awhile but I finally got a picture of him smiling big. Right now he is really into Clifford, Mickey Mouse and Barney. He still loves trucks and music. He is getting really good at the drums. I think when he is 3 we will put him into a music school. Branden is still in diapers. He just doesn't have interest in potty training. Once and awhile he will ask to sit on the toilet, but really he just wants to shove toilet paper in the toilet.

Yesterday, I went over to my aunt Becky's house to look through some of her old clothes. It was really sad to be over there and seeing everyone packing up the house. I cried once i walked in the door. I thought I would be ok going over there, but it just brought back so many memories of her. The house was getting close to being empty by the time I left yesterday. I think by today it will be cleaned out. They have decided to sell the house and John has already bought a new house. I can't believe it has almost been a year since she died.

Today, Branden and I are stuck in the house. It has been pouring all day. No fun for us, but I'm sure the trees are really happy. This weekend Branden is getting some fall pictures done by his auntie Joni. I hope he smiles big for his pictures. And I am really looking forward to next weekend. I am going a girls weekend, its just going to be so fun and relaxing. We are going up north towards Hinkley and spending Friday - Sunday there, just doing some shopping and hanging out at the hotel.