Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines Day

Yesterday David and I went to my neurologist appointment. Everything seems to be going good. He does want me to inform a neurologist when I do go into labor so they can be present just incase something should go wrong. I am not delivering at the same hospital I have been seeing my regular neurologist and high risk doctor at, which seems really goofy to David and me since they both know my history well. So when I see my prenatal doctor this Tuesday we are going to see if I can deliver at that hospital. It is about 15 minutes farther away then the one hospital I am suppose to deliver at but I am sure David can make that up by speeding there.

After my appointment David and I went out to eat and did some shopping. We still are looking for a dresser for the baby's room but no luck. Otherwise we didn't do to much yesterday, it was nice not have to cook dinner. For Valentine's Day David and I bought each other a really nice painting for the living room that we have been wanting for a long time.

This morning I was having some slight pains in my stomach, not to sure what was going on. But I just sat down for awhile and drank some water and I am feeling better now. Just taking it really easy now.


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