Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Just wanted to let everyone know that "Flags of our Fathers" is now out on DVD. Then you can see how ugly Iceland is. Of course we already got our copy the day it came out.

David took this week off because he needed a little break so we haven't been doing to much. He really was hoping to get his new bike but it still hasn't shown up. He is pretty disappointed about that.

We did go to Ikea hoping to find a dresser that would work in the baby's room but no luck. Both of us can't wait until we are living back in the states so we can have all the options in the world on where to shop. Of course you are thinking why don't you just look on the internet? But a lot of places don't ship to an APO address or if they do ship to us, they will not ship larger items over seas. But only 2 more years of this.


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