Monday, June 04, 2007


Our weekend went good. I decided this morning to take Branden off the meds the doctor gave him for acid reflux. I think it was doing more harm then good. He was spitting up way more and harder and was getting diarrhea. So for now we will just continue what we were doing with him, less ounces per feedings but more feedings through out the day. That seemed to be helping. He is gaining weight, so I am not to concerned about his spitting up unless he doesn't gain weight. Look who got a blanket like his mommy!
Sleeping with his daddy

holding onto his favorite rattle and blanket

peaking over the couch
oh, dad caught me
folding laundry
sleeping in our bed, which he thinks is his.
frustrated because he can't lift himself all the way up yet.

don't try to take his toys
don't you just love him!


Anonymous Sarah said...

Oh! He's SO very beautiful!

You're a great mom, you know how to tackle the spit up! Go you!

Congrats a thousand times over, I'm so happy for you.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant believe you gave him a blanket like yours!! I hope you actually wash HIS!! Love you! Brandi

6:25 PM  

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