Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I had a really nice first Mother's Day. David got up with Branden all night on Saturday, so I was able to have a full nights sleep. I thought that was a pretty nice gift. Also, David and Branden got me some pretty flowers and a beautiful necklace. Branden gave me my flowers on Friday, so actually I had a Mother's Day weekend. For dinner we went over to our friend's house, they were having a Mother's Day BBQ. It was just three couples with kids.

This is us right before we were about to go to bed. I almost forgot to take our Mother's Day photo.
Branden is his outfit from our landlord. When he was born all of our neighbor's brought gifts for him. Some of the neighbors we had never even met before. It was so nice and plus we can't even understand what they are saying. But they were excited for the new baby in the town.
reading to branden and he is cuddling with his little stuffed animal
the flowers i got for mother's day
he loves his boppy. he can sit in that thing forever
he is holding onto his elephant

he loves the mirror now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We Are glad you had a great Mothers Day!!! We all know you are going to be great Mom. The pictures are great & we sure miss you guys & wish we were still there!

Love Mom and Dad

1:32 AM  

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