Friday, April 27, 2007

I Hate Doctors

Today I was suppose to finally get my stents removed and I had been looking forward to this day about as much as I had been looking forward to giving birth. I swear the pain of these stents have become unbearable since I have given birth. When I sit I am ok, but just standing is so painful and when I walk I just want to throw-up from the pain. But anyways, when we went in for my appointment today the doctor who was going to remove them said he wanted to do a CT Scan to make sure that everything looks ok before he takes them out so he doesn't take them out and something should happen. I couldn't get in today for a scan so there went my chance of getting my stents removed today. I was so upset. The earliest I could get in for the scan was the 2nd, but the earliest I could be seen again to get my stents out was the 23rd. Once I heard that I about had a nervous break down. I couldn't help but cry. I had been in so much pain for so long and had been looking forward to today for so long and really just want to feel normal again. I want to be able to hold Branden and walk around with him and take him out in his stroller. Once the nurses saw how upset I was they got me in to get my stents taken out on the 3rd. I am not really sure what they did, but he was blocked out, I think for a meeting, but I will be seen now next week. So basically today was a waste of a drive. Hopefully next week everything will be taken care of and I will be feeling back to normal.


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