Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthing Class

Last night David and I went to a child birth class. We both thought it went really well. Instead of taking the 5 night class we decided to take the "birthing basic" class where they try to fit everything into one class. Which I thought was a good idea because being so sick lately I don't think I could have sat through so many classes. This was her first "birthing basic" class she taught so she sent out an email asking what we would like to go over since we wouldn't be able to cover every topic and I was the only one to respond back so every question I had was answered. Plus all I have to do lately is read about pregnancy so I knew a lot of the questions she was asking us. We watched a couple of births, which I think David and I could have done without.

Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling to good. Lots of back pain. The day I get these stents out will be a great day. Hopefully when the baby is born I will get some relief. I have to wait 2 weeks after the baby is born to get them taken out.

Today I am feeling ok. A lot better then yesterday. I actually did some laundry and picked up the kitchen.

The weather here is nice. I have the windows open. I think the fresh air helps me. Since I hardly leave house because of the pain when I walk. It would be nice to take a little walk, but I don't think I would make it down the street.


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