Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Saturday wasn't the best biking day for David. He called me only a couple hours into his day and said he was on his way home and told me I should get ready because he needed to go to the hospital. My first thought was he had to be kidding because we just left there a few days ago and swore I wasn't going back through those doors again until it was time to have this baby. But he said he hurt his back pretty bad trying to do some trick or something and he sounded pretty serious. He let me go pretty fast because he said it was going to take him sometime to drive home because it hurt pretty bad. Once I let him go I kept thinking, I sure hope he doesn't pass out driving home or something. His friend was going to take his straight to the hospital from there, but David said he was ok to drive home and for me to take him to our hospital.

I got ready really fast. And I did pack a hospital survival kit because I know what happens when you go there. Sometimes they don't let you out. I was thinking I sure hope the same ER people aren't working because they sure are going to think we are crazy or love the hospital.

But once David got home safely, about 45 minutes after he called me, he decided to take a quick shower to see if that would help with the pain. It did, thank goodness. Then he sat down for awhile with some ice. He was bruised and sore for the next couple of days and we didn't end up going to the hospital. David said, isn't anyone picking up on our cry for attention.

So as of today we are both almost 100%. David is back at work and I am back doing whatever I use to do at home...cleaning I guess. Also, the weather here is great. Nothing like what MN has. I am guessing 50's or 60's. Sunny!


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