Thursday, March 15, 2007

Emergency Room Visit

David brought me back to the Emergency Room last night because I had started peeing blood every time I went to the bathroom yesterday evening. I hadn't felt very good all day, but more of a tired feeling. When I had gone to the doctors the other day and he had told me if I have any problems I need to go straight to the ER at night or Labor and Delivery during the day because I am a complicated pregnancy. So David and packed up our stuff and planned on a long stay at the hospital.

When we got there they did the usual tests. The same ER doctor was there, so she new my history. Which seemed to help make the visit go by faster. Since I just had my blood and urine tested the day before she was able to see if there was any changes in my kidneys that would case the bleeding. Most the results came back saying no change. But she is going to call today with the rest of the results. She did call the Urology department where I had the stints put in and they said it is common to have some bleeding as long as it isn't "red wine" color which would mean there is a clot in the tube and that would be very dangerous. For now they told me to continue the bladder infection medicine and that should help with the bleeding. We were only there a few hours.

Everything seems fine this morning. I am 9 months today. It is getting harder and harder to move around and get things done around the house. I can't wait until this baby is born. These last 2 months haven't been too fun. But all I can pray for is a healthy baby.


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