Thursday, March 08, 2007

Only 5 More Weeks!

Today started week 35 in my pregnancy. Can you believe it? I can't! I pretty much can deliver any time now, which is pretty scary. I am getting more nervous each day. I guess because it is so unknown to me. Of course it is going to hurt like nothing I have ever felt, but I am scared because they put those tubes in me and plus the risk of having a seizure during labor. But I have been assured that I have nothing to worry about. But of course it crosses my mind once and awhile. We do have my 36 week appointment coming up and at that appointment we will finally see where I will deliver at and I will get my questions answered.

My parents should be here soon. They haven't picked a date to fly out on, they are just hoping it is before the baby comes so they will be here for the birth.

Forgot to mention when we had our ultrasound last week, the doctor said that our baby has lots of hair! You could actually see it. None of the pictures turned out cute. He didn't want to get his picture taken. He was tired, we got one of him yawning and the rest were of his hands over his face.


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