Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sick Call

This morning I did go see my doctor as a "sick call" appointment. The last couple of days I have been thinking I have a urinary track infection because it doesn't feel to good when I go to the bathroom. After doing some reading I thought I better get it checked out before it turns into a kidney infection, which would be no good. My lower back has been sore where my kidneys are so thats when I finally put two and two together. At first I just thought it was just my tubes that were bothering me still, but this long would be weird. Just to be safe a doctors visit was the best thing to do. If I wait to long I might end up back in the hospital.

I actually haven't gotten my results yet. My doctor said he would call if there was any thing wrong and I still haven't heard from him, so maybe everything is ok.

My doctor also told me that I can't come and see him anymore because I am now considered more high risk then before. David and I were going to bring me to the hospital, but I was just thinking if it was just some sort of bladder infection he could just give me some meds and I would be on my way. I like my doctor so much, I hate to see anyone else. But I guess the Chief of Medicine at Heidelberg (where I will deliver at) called and talked to my doctor and was concerned about why I wasn't being seen at Heidelberg my whole pregnancy because of my kidney problems and me being on Topamax for my seizures. But I was cleared to be seen by my regular family practice doctor by my high-risk doctor and my neurologist as long as I had regular check-ups to both of those doctors. And I never had kidney problems until now. Anyways, a little confusing. But atleast I know I will be getting good care and they know my situation over at Heidelberg. Next week I go in for my 36 week appointment. My doctor is going to call Heidelberg and let them know I came and saw him today, just so everyone is on the same page.

Today was my first time driving in Germany. I am not sure why it has taken me almost a year to drive over here. After my doctors appointment David had to get to his dentist appointment right away and I still needed to give blood. His doctors office is on different base then my doctors office, so I had to take the jeep back over to give my blood and then I drove home. I did sit in the parking lot for 10 minutes before I actually took off. Not sure why I was so nervous. I like driving, but it is different driving over in Germany then it is in the US. I did make it safely to all my destinations. So that was a plus.

If I hear anything I will let you know.


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