Thursday, March 29, 2007

14 Long Days Left

Nothing exciting to share with everyone, but I thought I should post something so no one thought I went into labor. Which would have been a great day for me, but I know my mom is praying I hold out until my due date so she is here.

I had called my OB on Friday and on Monday to see if they had fit me in yet for this week because they had to make special appointments for me to be seen every week because of my situation and they lady who makes the appointments told me not to worry she would call as soon as she was able to get me because I had to be seen. Since it is now Thursday and I was suppose to be seen this week I thought I better call even though I hate to bug them because she assured me that I would get a call. When I called the lady she acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. She said you already have an appointment on April 10. I was like I just talked to you on Friday and Monday and you told me that you would call me when you could fit me in this week because I need to be seen because I am high risk due to my kidney failure. After putting me on hold a billion times she finally fit me in on Tuesday, even though it isn't this week I guess I will work with what they give me. I was pretty upset, because what if I wouldn't have called. I probably wouldn't have heard from them. But I am happy about the doctor I will be seeing. I wasn't happy about the doctor I saw last week.

Still in pain pretty much 24/7. And I am sleeping less and less. With the pain and lack of sleep it is for sure affecting my mood. But I am trying to take it day by day.


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