Friday, May 04, 2007

Stents Are Out

I finally got my stents out yesterday. Even though I still have some slight pain, it was a dream come true. I will have some pain for probably a day or two more from the procedure but I can already tell a difference today. The nurse was shocked to hear that when I got them in that I didn't get any pain meds because most people say they are very uncomfortable to get put in. I guess the German hospitals do it different then the American hospitals. I was already in so much pain when they put them in I wouldn't have noticed. But when they took them out I was happy to have the pain meds because I did feel them remove the stents and it didn't feel good. Once the doctor started it only took about 10 minutes, maybe even less. But it took about 30 minutes or so for them to prep everything. For the next 3 days I am on some pain meds for the burning, since the doctor had to use a huge scope to get the stents out.

Yesterday, our landlord had our trees cut in our back yard and before we had a pretty nice backyard because our yard was surrounded by trees, so pretty private . But now it looks like a huge storm went through and knocked down all of our trees. We didn't keep up with our yard to well, but now it just looks like a mess. We had a huge tree in our yard before, which shaded the yard pretty well, but now it is only 4 ft tall. Oh well...I guess thats what they wanted to do with the yard.

Here are some cute pictures of Branden in his bath robe after his bath.
2 May 2007


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Thats the kewlest bathrobe ever! :-P

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