Monday, June 18, 2007

Picture Time

I forget to mention last time that Branden has Sandifer's Syndrome . Basically it is really bad acid reflux. Last week we had to bring him into the hospital for it because when it gets really bad it looks like he is having a seizure almost. We knew he wasn't having a seizure because his eyes didn't roll back. It is really hard to explain what happened to him, but it only lasted about a minute. But please look up Sandifer's Syndrome on the computer if you would like to know more. He got some medicine for it and it seems to be helping. His acid reflux should go away before he is 7 months old. Cherries from your tree
look at those dinosaur feet


His outfit says "Quit Buggin Me"

His eyes are so blue, but you can't tell so well on the computer

Look at that belly

On the way to the hospital


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is so adorable Sara! Looks like everything is going great for you guys! Take care, lots of love, Auntie Sheila :)

3:59 PM  

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