Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

We didn't do to much for Father's Day, we actually just spent the whole day at home. Branden got David a card, this movie he has been wanting and a certificate for the "Worlds Best Dad." David actually did most the cooking on Sunday, but Branden and I made his favorite dessert for him.

Saturday we did the usual grocery shopping. There was a summer bazzar on base, selling a bunch on German things that were over priced for people who never get off base and shop. But its still fun to look. We also went out to eat.

Branden has become a busy little boy. He needs something new to do every 15 minutes. So I am always running out of ideas to do with him. He loves being outside lately and playing with the hose, so yesterday I put shaving cream all over the the patio furniture and he sprayed it off (thanks Sheila for the idea).


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