Monday, June 09, 2008

Big Wheel

Here is Branden on his Big Wheel we got him a few weeks ago. He loves bikes, so we thought this would be good enough for now. But it really didn't fool him, he still wants a real 2 wheel bike with real tires. He likes his big wheel, but he is obsessed with bikes. Every time we go to the store he knows where the bikes are kept and he will walk as fast has he can pointing and saying "look, bike" until he gets to them. He probably could stay and look for hours. We let him ride the little kids bikes and I'm sure it would be a great day for him if we could take one home, but he is still a little to small for one. But soon. Vroooom....Vrooooom
I see a cutie!!

I love my Big Wheel!

Yea, I'm Cool!

yep, looks good!

Hi, Mom!

Who's that tough guy on that bike?

Just hanging out


So, where should I go today?

Ready to Ride!
Look over there!


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Love though Shoes


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