Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Branden Update

Branden is now 14 months old! Each time David and I look at him we can not believe how big he gets each day and the new things he learns. He just learned how to climb onto the couch. Getting off the couch is still a work in process. We have to watch him or we will be bringing him to the hospital for a broken neck. He likes to do tricks when getting off...I wonder where he got that dare devil side from...maybe his Dad!

Branden is pretty much a little angel. He loves to give kisses and will also blows kisses. I am ordering a sling here pretty soon because he has gotten to be to heavy to carry around and he is such a little mommy's boy and wants to go every where I go and do everything I do. He is pretty much attached to me at times. But I know that is pretty much normal and I know that doesn't last forever so I will take all the love, kisses and attention I get from Branden while it lasts.

I know this will be hard to believe from my sweet little boy, but at times he can be a little monster. When he wants something he will point at it and if he doesn't get it he will cry. Funny how they learn so young. Also, he will lay on the ground and start crying and then start to bite the floor, I'm not sure where he learned that.

Somethings that Branden is really into right now are Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Elmo, The Wiggles, Books, Stuffed Animals, Drums and of course things he can't have.

Any time he sees a motorcycle or hears one he gets excited and says "look" and "cool" and starts pointing. He just loves them. We can't wait to show him the motorcycle cousin Jack gave him!

He pretty much has all his books memorized. He loves to read. He will sit in his crib and read once he gets up until someone gets him.

We are looking into getting Branden his own little set of Drums. David has some play drums from his Rock Band game that Branden really loves to play on, but the only thing is that they don't make any noise. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. But he really loves playing with the drums sticks and we encourage him to play with them.

He has just started to love all his stuffed animals. He carries them around and hugs and kisses them. Gives them his pacifier and lets them see his blankie. Branden is very sweet with them. I don't think he has a favorite right now. I think they are all his babies.

The Wiggles! Branden loves to dance to them. We pretty much watch them everyday. I really hope they come to Minnesota when he is still young enough to love them. I know all there songs and so does Branden! He knows some of there moves when they come on. Its fun to see him watch them and dance.

I have lots and lots of new pictures of Branden to post, so hopefully I will get them up in the next few days! So keep checking back!


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