Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I Learned Yesterday...

Don't put a 1-year-old in charge of your KEYS!

Even when he makes this face!

Or this one....

On Tuesday was the last time I saw my keys and Branden was the last to have them. I let Branden hold on to them once we get inside because he likes to help open the door. He likes to help me do everything. After that moment I don't remember seeing. Yesterday when we were picking up I thought I better put my keys in the diaper bag for tomorrow's playgroup. I started looking, but they never turned up. Not really worried because I knew they would turn up sooner or later. When David got home I asked if he had seen then and he hadn't. He started to look everywhere with me. We were both going crazy because we knew they had to be in the house but where. Our house isn't that big, so where could Branden of hiden them. We were going through the garbages inside and then at 10pm outside going through the garbages we took out for the night. We have a small a/c unit (if you can call it an a/c) but we add ice to it by dropping it in this small door in the front. Branden sees us do it all the time and sometimes helps us drop the ice in. I checked in it earlly in the evening and actually found one of Branden's pacifiers in it. So I wasn't surprised when David woke me up and said "come and get your keys" Branden had dropped then in the hole, but they were way on the bottom. David had used a flashlight and saw my keys in there. But his hand was too big to reach in and grab them. Thank goodness we found them! I just wish we would have had it on video of Branden dropping them in there and then us ripping apart the house looking for them. That little monster.


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