Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poor Branden

Yesterdays lab visit went ok. There was a lot of tears! Branden was scared the moment we sat in the chair, he remembered the room from before. And it was the same guy who took his blood the last time. He did a good job then, so I knew he would do a good job this time. But I was only giving him one try or we were walking out the door. Since they had to take his blood from his vein Branden had to stay really still, so I had to hold Branden in my lap and David had to hold his arm really still. Branden scream and cried the whole time, it was just heartbreaking. I was crying too. But as soon as he was done Branden stopped crying and even waved bye to the guy.

Lastnight Branden woke up feeling really warm and today he is feeling pretty warm and not eating a lot, not sure if it is from yesterday or if it is just because it is just so hot here.

These pictures are already a couple weeks old. I can tell he has already grown some. I love this stuffed animal
It makes noise when you push on it
Always happy
6 teeth here...but I got 8 now!

See my tongue


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