Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sleep Schedule

Branden is doing well. The medicine the doctors put him on for his acid reflux seems to be helping. His spit up has really gone down and he hasn't had any of those scary acid reflux moments. I am trying to get him to sleep through the night, but I am not having any luck. But I really should work on getting him out of our bedroom first. He still sleeps in there, I am scared I wont hear him wake up even though we do have a monitor. Also, I have to break my bad habit of bringing him into our bed when he can't get back to sleep. This is only around 5am though, so he does sleep in his crib most the night. He does still wake around 2 am to feed and then around 4 am he will wake and then I will have to give him his pacifier to get him back to sleep.

It has been raining here almost everyday for the past week. Which is fine with me because it keeps the house cool since we don't have AC.
"get that camera out of my face"

"Yes, I'm so cute"

"How come it got so dark"


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