Monday, June 30, 2008

So Hot Here

It was so hot out this weekend, upper 80's lower 90's. So we spent a lot of our time outside with Branden playing in the water. I don't think the heat phases Branden he just goes and goes. Its a good thing he loves to watch Elmo and The Wiggles, so at least he will sit down for a minute and take a break and drink some water so he doesn't get heat stroke.

Branden was so funny this weekend. David started to pull some weeds and putting them into a pile then Branden started to the same thing following David around pulling weeds. Then every so often we would find him pulling weeds. What a good helper we have!

Branden knows 3 animal sounds now. Cat, Cow and Elephant. And with the elephant he puts he arm up for his trunk. Of course he will never do it on cue, so we can impress anyone with his talents. But he can really do....He is so smart!

Branden got 2 of his bottom molars in this weekend. Poor thing has been teeth so bad. But glad they finally came in.

He likes to stack the buckets


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