Thursday, June 26, 2008

Always Helping

Branden loves helping around the house. He loves to help do the dishes. He will stand next to the dishwasher and take everything out and hand it to me so I can put it away. So far we have only lost one plate because Branden was taking the plates out too fast so he just dropped it on the floor so he could grab another one. Oh well!

He also loves to help with the laundry. He pulls the clothes out of the basket for me to fold. Sometimes he unfolds the ones that have already been folded if I put them back in the basket, but it keeps him busy for awhile so I don't mind.

Branden loves to sweep! But he gets so frustrated because the broom is way too big for him, so it his hard for him to move it around easily. Hopefully we can find a kids size broom for him soon or we are just going to cut the handle of the broom for him before he looses his mind trying to sweep. Here is Branden helping mow the lawn. Of course we really wouldn't let Branden help mow the lawn, that would be dangerous. Here in Germany they don't use gas mowers, you actually plug in your mower so you have this long cord following you around while you mow. Seems like a huge pain. So after David was done mowing the yard, he let Branden push around the lawn mower a couple times. He loved it...he looked so proud doing it!

Here is Branden helping me dust the house. He does a good job too!

Yep, he already takes out the trash! And he likes doing it. I wonder how long this last?


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