Sunday, July 06, 2008

The 4th Of July Weekend

We had a nice holiday weekend. David had the 4th off, so we just spent the day home. I made some food, so we had a family BBQ. I made a potatoe salad which actually turned out really good. Some home made bbq sauce for some chicken, which David grilled. And we also grill some corn. For dessert I made a flag cake out of fruit. We had plenty of leftovers.

On Saturday we finally got to see our good friend Blue and his family, he just returned from Iraq so it was good to see him. We went to a fair on base, it was a pretty good size one. Plenty of rides for there kids. And Branden even went on his first 2 rides! I can't really describe the ride he went on first, but it was like the dumbo ride that flies up in the air a little and then back down. They let me go on with him, of course he is way too little to go by himself. But the first time around he was excited and clapping his hands, but by the second time around he was like get me the heck off this crazy ride! It was making wierd noises, so I don't think he liked that. The 2nd ride he really wanted to go on was cars that drove around in a circle. They wouldn't let me sit in the car with Branden, but I could sit on the outside on the car. Branden was having fun at first, well before the ride started playing with the wheel. But as soon as they start the ride they blow this loud horn and scared him half to death. So he wanted to get out right away and I had to hold him in the center of this ride as it went round and round until it was over. Oh well!

Branden mastered the stairs the other day. He can get up those stairs so fast now. As he goes up them he says "up" the whole time. Now he watches us to see if we slip up and leave the gate open so he can make his move to the stairs.

If you want to see some really cute pictures and maybe start crying like I did, look under my past months post under April 2007 and May 2007 and see how little Branden use to be!


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