Thursday, March 06, 2008

Play Group

Branden and I have been going to the play group in our neighborhood every Thursday lately. It is a lot of fun for Branden to be around kids his age. I really have no idea what the moms are talking about because they talk german most of the time, but I go over there with my neighbor and she speaks pretty good english, so I spend most of my time talking to her. She has two girls, Lena and Anika. We sing songs, eat and there is toys for the kids to play with. Today we went to Ikea for breakfast and there is a play area there for the kids. Usually we just meet at the church in our neighborhood.

Branden has not been feeling the greatest latley. Just a little worn down. I think he is getting another tooth, so that is probably why. He is eating a little less, but still taking in lots of liquids. Trying to get him off the bottle now, but that has been hard when he isn't feeling so great. Also trying to get him to eat more solid foods, but I don't think he is ready yet.

We are getting really excited for my parents to visit. They will be here very soon!


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