Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Family Of 3 Again!

David made it home on Friday around 4 pm. A little later then expected so Branden and I had to wait around the airport for him. Thank goodness there was a little play room with toys for him. Branden wasn't feeling so good on Friday a cough and runny nose. He still isn't himself today, so probaby Monday I will bring him in to get checked, just to be safe. Branden is doing as well as expected around David. He is just a little shy and I think nervous. But we figured as much. Branden is doing really well with the time change. It took him about a week, but he is back to sleeping and eating like before. I am doing good. Lots to do around here since we got back. David is out getting some food for us. And I hope to get some stuff put away while Branden naps.

Otherwise things are good. Really nice to have David home. I'll get some new pictures up soon!

It was great seeing everyone while I was home. Miss everyone already. But we will be home for good in a year and half!


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