Saturday, March 29, 2008

Branden's 1st Birthday Party & Easter

Finally here are the pictures from Branden's birthday party we had for him. It was an Elmo themed party. He seems to really like Elmo these days. We just had about 10 people for his party. But that was enough because we had to be inside because of the weather. We were hoping for it to be an outside BBQ party, but no luck. Branden seemed to have a lot of fun and he stayed awake the whole day. Of course he didn't want to miss a minute of his party.

Here are some pictures from Easter morning. The Easter Bunny brought a lot of stuff for Branden. Branden had a busy weekend. His party was Saturday and then Easter Sunday.

A big chicky from the Easter Bunny

He got a soccer easter basket from the easter bunny

his new acts real
what a sweetie pie!

opening his other easter basket


Opening presents
new car from grandma and grandpa
driving around
watch out everybody!

trying on his new elmo backpack
new radio books!

Sorry not in order....

a little messy!
Branden were you eating cake??
just wiped his face off

just getting started

Happy Birthday to Branden!

Whats this??

lookin' at his balloons

elmo cupcakes made by grandma
birthday boy!


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