Monday, April 21, 2008

Doctors Visit

Branden had his 1 year well visit today. It went ok. I don't think he really likes his doctor too much. Every time we have seen her he has cried. All the other doctors he has seen he is really good with and will smile for them. But today really wasn't a fun visit for him, he had to get 5 SHOTS and blood taken from his finger. It was pretty horrible. It was hard to hold him when they were getting the blood from his finger. I wish I would have done that first because he already wasn't feeling good from the shots on his legs and thats where I had to hold a lot of pressure to keep him still. But it only took one time to get the prick, so I was happy. But other then that the doctor said everything looks good. He weighs almost 21 lbs and I forgot how long he is. Right now he is sleeping. I hope he sleeps awhile because I can tell he doesn't feel too good after all those shots, it was a pretty rough day for him.


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